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Dronco U5 Protect Evolution DIAMOND BLADE


The Dronco U5 Protect Evolution is a laser welded all-round diamond disc with a special sandwich steel core, which reduces vibration noticeably and noise by 50 %. The segments are made of high performance diamonds and a bonding designed for extremely high cutting speeds. Clean cutting properties and a very good lifetime are also features of this product. The field of applications ranges from hard to soft materials, abrasive materials, as well as reinforced materials. The disc can be used without cooling brakes.

Do you know the latest legal regulations based on the EU guidelines for protecting workers from noise and vibration? The U5 protect allows responsible employers to provide their staff with tools, which significantly reduce health damaging factors in the work environment. A reduction in noise level by minus 10 db(A) = halving the volume. The U5 protect features an extraordinary high-tech steel core, which reduces the sound level by 50 %. This also makes the experience of the cutting procedure around the construction site much more pleasant. Another bonus for the operator is the noticeably lower vibration level. These two factors add up to important protection for the health of the operator. And this is achieved with no loss in performance. The U5 protect offers outstanding cutting speed and the lower vibration level also reduces wear and tear on the segments – increasing the lifetime of the product.


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The Dronco U5 Protect Evolution is most suitable for,

  • concrete
  • concrete, reinforced
  • concrete roofing tiles
  • composite concrete paving
  • clinker brick
  • paver
  • terrazzo
  • exposed aggregate concrete
  • brick

Very suitable for,

  • granite
  • sand-lime stone
  • basalt
  • reinforced wire mesh
  • cotto plates
  • eternit
  • gneiss
  • lime stone
  • porphyr
  • steel up to 3.5 mm

Well suitable for,

  • asphalt
  • marble
  • slate
  • floor pavement, plaster
  • refractory stones
  • sand stone