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Master Lock Electrical Lockout Kit, 9 Piece


The Master Lock Electrical Lockout Kit, 9 Piece is part of Master Lock’s range of ‘READY TO GO’ Lockout Kits. They are quick and practical solutions to give you the right range of lockout equipment to get the job done straightaway! Each kit has the right mix of products for specific uses.


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The Master Lock Electrical Lockout Kit, 9 Piece has everything an electrician will need for a safe and secure job. It comes with a wearable pouch, which makes it practical and portable. The pouch combines and organises the electrical lockout devices and has a single compartment with a hook & loop belt loop.


2 x S32KARED Zenex™ Keyed Alike Padlocks
2 x S2394 Universal Mini Circuit Breaker Lockouts
1 x 491B Grip Tight™ Circuit Breaker Lockout for large size breaker toggles
2 x S4268LEN: ‘WARNING Equipment Has Been Locked Out’ Tags
1 x 428 Nylon Lockout Hasp with flexible shackle
1 x S1010 Compact Lockout Pouch