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Foodtex Hydraulic Oil 5L


Non Toxic High Quality oil suitable for food and textile applications. Available in the following grades.

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Foodtex Hydraulic Oil is specially compounded with NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved components, which has been registered by them, under Product Category H1 for the lubrication and protection of machinery used for the processing and packaging of foodstuffs, where incidental contact may occur. Registration Number 136487. Based on a highly refined high viscosity NSF approved pure white oil, compounded with the most advanced additives which are non-toxic. Formulated to produce a clean, safe lubricant which will resist water, fruit and vegetable juices, brine and aqueous solutions of chemicals, acids and alkalis. A rust and corrosion inhibitor is included together with a multifunctional additive to reduce friction and wear to an absolute minimum. Ensures the efficient operation and prolongs the life of the machinery’s hydraulic systems within the food processing and packaging and also the textile, sewing and hosiery industries.