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kwb ENERGY SAVING Multi-Tool Kit 7 Piece


The 7 Piece ENERGY SAVING Multi-Tool Kit comes in a sturdy aluminium storage case and includes various ENERGY SAVING blades for wood, plastic and metal work, all with patented flutes or holes for optimum performance.

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This all-purpose set is suitable for a variety of different materials and applications and comprises of: 4 x Plunge-cut Blades for clean, quick flush cuts in parquet or laminate flooring, cutting hard wood, soft wood and plastic, plus plunge-cuts in kitchen worktops for ventilation grilles, in cupboards, or plasterboard for electrical sockets. (1 x Plunge-Cut Blade Wood Japanese Cut 34mm, 1 x Plunge-Cut Blade Wood 10mm, 1 x Plunge-Cut Blade Wood 22mm, 1 x Plunge-Cut Blade Wood 34mm). 1 x Line Cutting Blade for long, straight cuts in drywalls and wooden wall panels, plunge-cuts for the installation of cable ducts, pipelines. 2 x Bi-Metal Plunge-cut Blades for coated wood, plastic, fibre glass, thin sheet metal up to 2mm, non-ferrous metals, aluminium pipes and profiles, cutting off projecting nails or copper pipes from walls. (1 x Plunge-Cut Blade Bi-Metal 22mm, 1 x Plunge-Cut Radial Blade Bi-Metal 87mm). All blades have a quick release fitting suitable for use with most electric and cordless multi-tools.