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Record Power WG200 200mm (8in) Whetstone Grinder 160W 240V


The Record Power WG200 Whetstone Grinder offers performance and versatility in a compact and easy to use machine. Some machines rely purely on the weight of the motor to apply drive to the wheel. This can be insufficient for more demanding tasks. The WG200 has adjustable torque so you can easily apply the correct pressure for the job in hand.

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As the stone wears, its diameter reduces and so in effect the speed of the wheel’s rotation is increased. On most machines you cannot do anything about this, but with the WG200 you can lower the speed to compensate. In addition, when you want to remove material more quickly you can increase the speed of the stone. For added safety, its left hand nut thread ensures the grinding wheel is held securely with no danger of unwinding. Supplied with: 1 x WG250/K Diamond Truing Tool, 1 x WG250/C Straight Edge Jig, 1 x WG250/P Support Arm, 1 x WG250/R Stone Grader, 1 x WG250/S Metal Polish, 1 x WG250/T Angle Setting Gauge & 1 x WG250/U Angle Finder. Input Power: 160 Watt. Disc Speed: 150-250rpm. Stone Size: 200 x 40mm. Honing Wheel Size: 185 x 30mm.